Live tweeting and blogging at the PSASA seminar

Live tweeting and blogging at the PSASA seminar

On 13 March, the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa invited four top speakers to present at their seminar, entitled “Fire Up Your Business”. WSI was live tweeting and blogging the conference – here’s what happened:

Four speakers gave riveting presentations on the following topics: how to become a master influencer in sales negotiations; how to position yourself as an expert; how to harness the power of Web 2.0 to grow your business and how to instill a positive culture and truly motivate your staff. The speakers were as follows:

  • Stef du Plessis: Stef’s impressive track record spans two decades, two-dozen countries and over 3,500 successful assignments. CEO’s trust him to grow their people, develop leaders, build teams and create a winning workplace culture.
  • Douglas Kruger: Douglas is the only speaker in Africa to have won the Southern African Championships for Public Speaking a record five times. He is the author of ‘50 Ways to Become a Better Speaker,’ published in South Africa and Nigeria, ‘50 Ways to Position Yourself as an Expert,’ and co-author of ‘So You’re in Charge’.
  • Ian Rheeder: In 2003 Ian qualified as a Chartered Marketer (CM), the highest professional marketing qualification recognised both in South Africa and Europe. Ian is also a registered training Assessor with Services SETA South Africa, who is registered to facilitate almost all their Marketing & Sales programmes.
  • Francois Muscat: Francois is a highly sought after Digital Marketing Strategist, Speaker and Social Media Trainer. He is recognised as one of the leading authorities on creating personal brands and generating B2B leads using LinkedIn as the centre of one’s online marketing strategy.

The presentations

Ian Rheeder gave a fascinating presentation on the neuropsychology of persuasion. He explained the three tiers of the brain and how our different emotions and mindsets will influence how we perceive different situations. Ian focused on the 7 Levels of Persuasion and how people should change their tactics to become better leaders, sales people and managers. Find out more about Ian’s presentation.

Douglas Kruger spoke about the importance of positioning yourself as an expert. Not only does being an “expert” increase the value of your work, it also means that you will be seen as the go-to person for information, products and services in your industry. Find out more about Douglas’ presentation.

Francois’ presentation focused on harnessing the power of Web 2.0 dynamics to grow your business. We live in a time of “frictionless communication”, where you can reach thousands of people via “word of mouse”. Francois explained how you can produce content (on blogs, social media and other platforms) to build your online reputation. Read about Francois’ presentation.

Stef explained how people are motivated in their jobs and how people can create a winning culture. He delved into the topic of “Unwritten Ground Rules” and how you can change these rules into positive characteristics in your business. Find out more about Stef’s presentation.

Live tweeting and blogging

The live tweeting and blogging went extremely well. The Twiter hashtag for the day was #firetalk and WSI’s tweeting made 2,244 impressions throughout the four hour seminar!


We also set up a blog for the day so that people could follow the presentations online.

Our next live tweeting and blogging project is scheduled for end of March, where we will be live blogging the ICT & Higher Education conference!

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